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Team-vT.com - Home of Tribes:Vengeance (Oceania
* T:V Game Resources
* QuickChatMenu-X voice pack add-on (extra taunts)

BEML5 Map Pack Selection

Primary Download -->BEML5 Selection (114Mb) Game Arena Mirror

Anzac Day Map Pack

Primary Download -->Anzac Day Map Pack (114Mb) Game Arena Mirror
Mirror 1 -->Anzac Day Map Pack (114Mb)

GamesArena Server Map-Pack & Rules

Primary Download -->GA Map Pack (74Mb) Game Arena Mirror
Mirror 1 -->GA Map Pack (74Mb) Pipe / Waix
Mirror 2 -->GA Map Pack (74Mb) O-Tab.com (decent speeds reported)

Official Server Rules:
- No rape under 6 v 6
- No unnecessary teamkilling
- No cheating, hax or exploits
- No excessive abuse, swearing, rascism, sexual harassment, e-stalking
- No T2 flag hud (Flag IFF)
- No excessive chat-spamming

About Tribes Vengeance (T:V)

Tribes Vengeance is the 3rd installment of the Tribes game franchise. Tribes is a team-oriented online first person shooter (fps), with a unique gameplay which implements a jetpack for flying about the maps & skiing for achieving great speed across terrain.

T:V was a departure from previous Tribes builds because it used the Unreal Tournament engine instead of the older Torque engine (for better or worse), as well as introducing new 'extreme' elements such as the Grappler (spiderman-style grappling gun), the Buckler (reflective energy shield which doubles as a throwable weapon), and smaller, faster maps.

T:V was released incomplete (in 2004), and distributor VUG dropped support soon after its release, leading to a premature demise in player numbers. Several cheats became widely available, a problem which has finally been addressed via community-released patches - cheaters are now auto-banned on most servers.

Several local clans still exist (including us, |vT|) and we play organised matches from time to time, as well as a pickup games (PUGs). There is a well-developed international contingent of clans who drop by Oceania servers now and then. Those of us who still play T:V find the gameplay more exciting & engaging than other fps such as BF2, Halo, HL2, etc.

This website serves as a central point for active players in the Oceania T:V community (Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia). Oceanic Tribes 1 & Tribes 2 players are more commonly found at Bittah.com. Feel free to drop by our forum & post your comments.

A 4th 'tribes-like' game (under a different name) is currently under construction by an enthusiastic community, and rumoured to be released in 2006. Visit VolitantAssault.com for more details.


Thanks to Neo |vT| for site hosting & maintenance.